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about Cath

how it all started

My background is as a clinical psychologist, specialising in Women’s and Children’s Health, but my own roundabout journey to heal endometriosis and support my fertility took me off the beaten track. It’s led me to some amazing places and in to contact with some incredible teachers and brought me home, full circle, to pull together all the threads I’ve learned. 

 Finding first Reiki and then Arvigo® Therapy have been two of those moments where you remember what some part of you has always known. 

That our bodies are supposed to be supported in beautiful ways, so their own natural healing wisdom can switch back on. That body wisdom never leaves us, but it does get swamped with congestion, inflammation, pressure and emotion which build up and make it so much harder for that instinctive healing, intuition and homeostasis to work so well. 

Nurturing the body in ways that help to gently relieve the congestion and restore blood flow and energy, unblocks the self-healing mechanisms and allows the body to flow again.

As women, we hold so much emotion in our belly’s and our wombs, and in our sacrum’s too. (They’re definitely called the ‘sacred sacrum’ for good reason). I am a passionate believer that the ‘body remembers’ and holds the energy of those emotions deep in our tissue and cells, and without a doubt, nourishing these parts of us helps to let things flow emotionally and energetically, as well as physically. 

What it’s taught me the most, is that it’s where we hold so much of our power too, and when you get that moving and flowing freely, incredible things happen!

It feels like very sacred medicine.

And a very great privilege to share with anyone that would like to know more. 


I am a qualified Jing BodyWorks Massage Therapist, a Certified Practitioner of the Arvigo Therapy®, Fertility Therapist, Clinical Psychologist and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. I work with women of all ages, with a special interest in menstrual and hormonal health, and fertility issues in particular. Much of my work is with couples who are longing to conceive naturally or with the help of fertility treatments. Many of the women I work with are going through so much all-consuming stress associated with trying to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy, and want to find ways to help support their natural fertility, hormonal health and wellbeing as well as help in preparing for fertility treatments to give them the very best chance of success.

Clinical Psychology D.Clin.Psy University of Hull 1995

Reiki Master Usui and Karuna Lineage  1999 & 2008

Jing Bodyworks Massage Therapist training 2017

Arvigo® Therapy Certified Practitioner Training 2017

Arvigo® Therapy Advanced Clinical Training 2018