Belly & Soul


Arvigo® therapy for fertility is also known as fertility massage and abdominal-sacral massage

Trying to navigate your way through fertility journeys can seem like one big struggle after another of loss, sadness, frustration and isolation…


These approaches can bring so much hope, support, comfort and healing and it would be my joy to help you every step of the way through this gruelling stage to the family that you know you’re meant to have. 


Whatever your fertility struggles happen to be, and no matter where you are on this journey, whether you are just starting out, or feel like you have been stuck here for years, whether you’re struggling to get pregnant naturally or want to feel as prepared as possible for IVF, or whether it is miscarriage that is devastating you, both Reiki and Arvigo® Therapy have something special to offer. 


They’re both gentle, natural approaches that nurture you and nourish all the key systems of flow in your body that support your fertility.


On the practical and physical level, Arvigo® treatments work to restore homeostasis (balance within) and hemodynamics (the movement of blood through the body), which helps to move congested lymph fluid so that your body can clear and get rid of toxins and excess hormones that are stored in the tissues.


It helps to oxygenate the blood so that this healthy supply is able to reach the ovaries and uterus, all the places we really need it for fertility.


It increases immune function and maintains nerve flow for all the pelvic organs, helping with a vast range of fertility issues.


And it supports the alignment and position of all the pelvic organs.


For so many of us, the ligaments that support and hold the uterus in place, can shift slightly out of the normal position for many reasons including falls, trauma, surgery, poor posture and digestion issues. This in turn, can cause abnormal pressure and poor circulation to the surrounding structures, restricting the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, nerve function and energy flow, affecting everything from the ovaries and fallopian tubes to the intestines. By stimulating these systems of flow and helping to gently guide organs back in to alignment, it allows the body to regulate and heal itself from the inside, making sure that the very best foundations possible are in pace for natural fertility and IVF or IUI.

Arvigo® Therapy is also a beautiful way of nurturing everything your head and heart need during these immensely difficult times too, helping to release emotional tension that’s held and stored in the body, and re-connecting you to your belly and womb so you’re no longer cut off through stress, fear and trauma.

And it puts the healing tools back in to your hands, which I love, as it’s the loss of control and helplessness that can be so overwhelming and all-consuming on these journeys. Knowing that you have a self-care practice that you can do daily at home that is supporting your fertility in every way brings a little empowerment back in.

It’s when I see the greatest healing and magic take place.

The combination of this with counselling and Reiki to help lift the emotional and energetic layers that can often create blocks to fertility, makes it the most beautiful wrap-around support for your mind, heart, body and soul…all the parts of you that so need that extra support whilst going through this really hard journey.

To best support fertility, treatments can be scheduled from weekly to monthly according to the condition being addressed or the treatment you’re planning, and both 1 month and 3 month protocols are available to support you.


If you’d like to know more about how the combination of Arvigo® Therapy, psychology / counselling and Reiki can support both natural fertility, or as a complement to IVF and IUI, to help you respond as well as possible to the stimulation phase and build a healthy fresh lining for implantation, please do get in touch and i’d be more than happy to chat things through with you. 

The lovely thing about blending all of these approaches is being able to support you not just through fertility, but hopefully beyond in to pregnancy and post-partum health and wellbeing as well. 

Cath, I can’t believe how much the treatments have helped with my IVF! I’m feeling better in myself, and going from only having two eggs collected last time and no embryos before i had your help, I’m stunned that this time I got 5 eggs and all of them have fertilised! Crossing everything for this next bit, and thank you so much!