Belly & Soul


for all aspects of digestive health

Our digestion is at the very core of our health. When something upsets this fundamental process we feel it at every level of our being.

Being able to absorb all the goodness we can from our diets and use this as the building blocks for our health and well-being is what our bodies are trying to do in every way for us, and yet these processes can be so easily set off-balance for so many of us, leading to all sorts of issues including constipation, indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gasto Esophageal Reflux (GERD), SIBO (Small intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), Crohn’s and more.

Arvigo® treatments work over the upper abdominal areas of your body, supporting and nourishing the digestive system to help unblock and release areas of tension and congestion which we all too often carry in this area. The massage strokes work gently over the liver, the gall bladder, the pancreas, spleen, kidneys and intestines to support all aspects of the digestive system and to aid the immune system. Plus, the techniques are also helpful in releasing tension in the diaphragm encouraging full belly breathing which brings further balance and eases tension and knotting in these areas.

Given what we know about how important our ‘gut’ is in our health and well-being, and how much emotional stress and tension can have really deep effects on our digestive systems, this is a beautiful technique for gently helping to calm and soothe our nervous systems, support sleep, and bring relief from the pain and discomfort of so many of these upsets, and bring us back in to connection with our emotional and intuitive centres. 

Integrating Arvigo® treatments with Reiki and counselling allows us to really take care of you on every one of these levels, allowing the emotional and energetic layers to be given some much often much-needed TLC, kindness and nurture too. 

“I had an amazing Arvigo treatment with Cath! Really helped to calm down my gut issues. Feeling the benefits even after a day. Would highly recommend it! And the bonus is that you can keep doing it at home. Thank you Cath”