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for all aspects of female health and wellbeing 

There are so many conditions that effect our bellies and pelvic health, and cause untold amounts of suffering, pain and frustration.

Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries, Fibroids, and imbalances with hormones, cycles and periods are some of the biggest health issues that women are facing on a daily and monthly basis, and they often impact every area of our lives. 

Bladder issues, prolapse, and also support for the transitions that carry us into peri- menopause and menopause are also experiences that many of us are doing our best to navigate. And yet, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to try to find ways that help ease and soothe, and work alongside our bodies to bring the comfort they need and to activate, nourish and support our own natural healing and balance.

What I adore about working in this integrated way with the combination of Reiki and Arvigo® Therapy and psychology, is that it feels like it works at all levels…on the physical, practical level, making sure that areas of congestion, pressure and restriction that are leading to discomfort and symptoms, are given the chance to flow again, whilst also taking care of the emotions and energies that are held within us, and within our tissues and cells, that are so often contributing to our state of health. 

The techniques help to move fresh oxygenated blood to all the areas that need it, and boost the lymphatic system which helps to clear toxins from the tissues and assists the immune system. It also gently supports the alignment of pelvic organs and nerve flow, helping to improve position, circulation and therefore hormonal feedback systems within the body so that they are able to begin communication more clearly again.


It can also have beneficial effects on helping to ease scar tissue and adhesions that have built up from previous surgery or the body’s own attempts to heal conditions such as Endometriosis. 


 The calming, soothing, balancing nature of the treatments, combined with time to talk through and really understand everything that’s happening for you is also a really important element of the work I do, so that we can really take care of you, and help to ease some of the high levels of stress and anxiety that so often go hand in hand with these health challenges. 


I cannot thank you enough for the lovely treatments. It’s helped me feel so much more balanced and settled in myself emotionally, and my periods are beginning to flow without lots of brown spotting at the beginning and the end, and the PMT and cramps have been SO much better! I am really looking forward to my next xx