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Welcome to this little corner of the web, dedicated to taking care of your hormones, digestion and beautiful bellies.

If any of these aspects are out of balance for any reason, they have a way of taking over life in every way, don’t they?

Belly & Soul is all about Arvigo® Therapy & Reiki, two gentle, practical approaches that can help to restore natural balance and flow so that your own natural healing can take place.

The gorgeous ladies that find their way to me, tend to come with all aspects of fertility, menstrual issues, menopausal health, digestive disorders, prolapse and trauma. Or a deep wish to nurture & reconnect to this part of themselves.

As a clinical psychologist and Reiki master for 20 years, and practitioner of Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, I have found that weaving together time to talk, to calm and soothe your nervous system, and to gently listen to & take care of what your body needs, can be a beautiful recipe for restoring ease and wellbeing.

“and i said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath, and replied, “i have been waiting my whole life for this ‘”


Thank you for the amazing treatments Cath...

I’ve loved them! It’s restored my hope and made me feel so much better, emotionally and physically. I feel so much calmer and more positive about my fertility – it just feels like all the pieces of the puzzle have come together after searching for so long.


You've been a huge part of our journey...

and I know we’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m starting to feel like we might actually be having a baby!


Reiki to me with Cath, is MAGIC, ‘Cath Magic!’

 Having devastatingly suffered 5 miscarriages, my journey to parenthood consumes most of my day to day thoughts. Reiki is the most wonderful thing I have found, that enables my brain a much needed period of time to switch off from these thoughts. It provides me with a weekly break from reality and a moment of deep restoration time for my head, heart and body, which gets so weighted down with all my stress, anxiety and fear. 

It is a truly beautiful, gentle period of time, where complete calm washes over me and surrounds me in a bubble of tranquility. My body enters a state of complete stillness, which is a level of relaxation I had never experienced before, or even knew existed…It’s heavenly!

As well as the fertility benefits Reiki provides for me, the positive impact it has on my wellbeing and mental state of mind, which has suffered hugely, as a result of my losses, is amazing. 

Reiki is by far, my most favourite time of each week. Thank you Cath for wrapping me up and transporting me to a place of such zen. But above all, thank you so much for your incredible ability to heal, you truly work wonders

💗 S

The opportunity to breath, relax and re-set...

In my increasingly hectic lifestyle where enough attention isn’t always given to my wellbeing, i have found support from a beautiful person who has helped me find a place of calm and balance. I have been receiving treatments from Cath for some time, and they’re so important in giving me the opportunity to breath, relax, and re-set but at the same time having a really beneficial therapeutic effect in reducing my pain. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 


I count my lucky stars...

I tell Cath often that without her support and amazing Reiki healing, this little bundle wouldn’t be where he is today. Cath is selfless and gives out her own time to reach out when you need her most. She has helped me in more ways than i could possibly list and count my lucky stars every day she was there to help us through!


I'm so lucky...

Thank you again for everything. I am truly grateful for all your support, wisdom and kind words. I’m so lucky to have your support on this journey.


Couldn't have done it without you...

Thank you SO much for your amazing support this year. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Beautiful treatment

Thank you Cath for a beautiful treatment today. I’m so grateful. The treatment has defeinitely left me floating and excited for what’s to come. Many thanks again for all your support. 


Amazing Arvigo treatment

I had an amazing Arvigo treatment by Cath! Really helped to calm down my gut issues. Feeling the benefits even after a day. Would highly recommend it! And the bonus is that you learn the massage so you can keep doing it at home. Thank you Cath!


What I love the most is providing treatments that help to get to the root of what’s happening for you and helps you find the key within for your own ability to heal…and that just happen to feel really nurturing, kind and lovely to receive too!

Love Cath x

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