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about Cath

how was belly & soul born?

I found myself on my own road to heal severe endometriosis and support my fertility and digestion which took me off the beaten track. It’s led me to some amazing places and in to contact with some incredible teachers and brought me home, full circle, to pull together all the threads I’ve learned. 

 Finding first Reiki and then Arvigo® Therapy have been two of those moments where you remember what some part of you feels like it has always known.

They’ve felt like the missing pieces that have brought together everything I understood as a psychologist, and integrated them back home in the body, where they feel like they’ve always belonged. 

I’m a huge believer that the ‘body remembers’ and holds the energy of our experiences and emotions deep in our tissue and cells, and without a doubt, nourishing these parts of us, seems to help let things flow emotionally and energetically, as well as physically. 

It feels like very sacred medicine.

And a very great privilege to share with anyone it sings to. 


Cath is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Fertility Therapist, and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.

In addition to her bodywork, Cath is also a registered Doctor of Clinical Psychology, with experience of working with children and women’s health, fertility and adoption support.

Cath’s practice has an emphasis on holistic women’s health, and works with women of all ages, to help restore the connection with their own bodies, energy and soul. Her aim is to help deeply calm and soothe the nervous system which is often so challenged by stressful situations, and to support ways to bring in more kindness to our relationships with ourselves.

Cath also jointly runs Catching Rainbows Fertility, with her wonderful friend and colleague, Lucy Coffin,  specialising in all aspects of fertility. Both practices are fully integrated and support clients with practical and emotional help for whatever stage of the fertility journey they happen to be. This includes all aspects of hormonal and menstrual health, natural & assisted fertility, grief  & loss, and pregnancy fears following fertility struggles, as well as support for growing families in other ways, and helping to move on to new chapters if that is where the journey leads.

Tapping in to her own awareness and experience, Cath’s special passion is combining touch and emotional support, to help soften and ease the overwhelm and trauma that is so often part of these journeys, and to bring back a feeling of safety, so the body’s own healing abilities can work.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, D.Clin.Psy, University of Hull 1995

Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master Lineage  1999 & 2008

Jing Bodyworks Massage Therapist training 2017

Arvigo® Therapy Certified Practitioner Training 2017

Arvigo® Therapy Advanced Clinical Training 2018

Fertility Therapist 2011 to the present day

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