Belly & Soul


Arvigo® therapy for fertility

Also known as Fertility Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage & Abdominal-Sacral Massage

Wherever you happen to be on your fertility journey,

whether you’re wanting your cycle and hormonal health to be in the best shape possible to begin or continue trying naturally,

you’re preparing for IVF or IUI,

or you’ve been trying for years and years, and are feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed,

these approaches can offer physical and emotional support. 

And it would be my joy to help you every single step of the way.

Both Reiki and Arvigo® Therapy nurture and nourish the key systems of flow in your body that support your fertility.

On a physical level, Arvigo® treatments work to restore homeostasis (balance within) and hemodynamics (the movement of blood and lymph through the body), helping to nourish the nervous system, and support the alignment and position of the organs with in the pelvis. 

By stimulating these systems of flow and helping to gently guide organs in to optimal alignment, it allows the body to balance and regulate itself more easily.

It’s also nurturing for heads and hearts too, helping to ease emotional tension held in the body, and re-connecting you to your belly and womb.

…and my favourite bit is that it puts the healing tools back in to your hands, which I love, as it’s the loss of control and helplessness that can be so overwhelming and all-consuming on these journeys. Knowing that you have a self-care practice that you can do daily at home that is supporting your fertility brings a little empowerment back.

Belly and Soul is also part of Catching Rainbows Fertility, providing emotional and practical fertility support for women and couples, both in person and via Skype and telephone support across the UK and abroad, so you don’t need to be in Dorset or Somerset to receive support.

(Click here for more information on Catching Rainbows)


To best support fertility, treatments can be scheduled from weekly to monthly according to the condition being addressed or the treatment you’re planning, and both 1 month and 3 month protocols are available to support you.

If you’d like to know more about how the combination of Arvigo® Therapy, emotional support and Reiki can support both natural fertility, or as a complement to IVF and IUI, please do get in touch and i’d be really happy to chat things through with you. 

The lovely thing about blending all of these approaches is being able to support you not just with fertility, but hopefully beyond as well. 

Cath, I can’t believe how much the treatments have helped with my IVF! I’m feeling better in myself, and going from only having two eggs collected last time and no embryos before i had your help, I’m stunned that this time I got 5 eggs and all of them have fertilised! Crossing everything for this next bit, and thank you so much!


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